Bucket List

photo credit: Meanest Indian via photopin cc

‘Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute for experience’- Paulo Coelho

= Complete!
O= Work in progress

    1. Travel through Europe 
    2. Take a midnight walk on the beach 
    3. Win some money at a casino (Trebled my bet in Monaco – 2015) 
    4. Have a session in a flotation tank 
    5. Get a hot rocks massage 
    6. Ride a gondola in Venice 
    7. See the Northern Lights
    8. Visit a planetarium and look at the stars through a telescope 
    9. Drive to the beach as the sun is rising and have a breakfast picnic
    10. Go indoor skydiving 
    11. Visit all 7 continents O
    12. Fire a gun 
    13. Go clay pigeon shooting 
    14. Go quad biking 
    15. Go go-karting 
    16. Go paint-balling 
    17. Weekend in Edinburgh 
    18. Be present at a birth
    19. Have a boudoir photo book made
    20. Take part in a sweat lodge experience
    21. See wolves in the wild
    22. Stay in the Ice Hotel
    23. Visit the Ice Bar London 
    24. Visit Madame Tussauds 
    25. Have a picnic on a lake in a rowing boat
    26. Go skinny dipping
    27. Visit Temple Bar in Dublin 
    28. Revisit Bath 
    29. Visit the large Thermae Spa in Bath 
    30. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
    31. Turn up at the airport and get on the next available flight
    32. Go zorbing 
    33. Milk a cow
    34. Go white/black water rafting (white-water rafting)
    35. Influence someone else to make a bucket list 
    36. Learn to play a song on the guitar O
    37. Go hot air ballooning
    38. Go kayaking 
    39. Learn salsa O
    40. Kiss someone under the mistletoe 
    41. Learn calligraphy O
    42. Have my fortune read with a crystal ball
    43. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
    44. Sleep in a yurt 
    45. Sleep in a teepee
    46. Go glamping 
    47. Have a campfire BBQ on the beach
    48. Punt on the River Cam
    49. Stay at Blakes London
    50. Go wine tasting
    51. Learn how to shuffle a deck of cards properly
    52. Complete a Rubix cube O
    53. Travel through South America and the Galapagos Islands
    54. Travel through Asia
    55. Ride in a helicopter
    56. Make pasta from scratch 
    57. Learn how to make at least 5 cocktails O (Vodka Mint Oreo, Tiatip, Screwdriver 3/5)
    58. Bungee jump
    59. Sleep under the stars
    60. Watch a meteor shower
    61. Go to the races 
    62. Visit Betty’s 
    63. See a whale in the wild
    64. Visit a drive-in movie theatre
    65. Take a permaculture course 
    66. Go sailing and sunbathe/swim whilst out at sea
    67. Visit the Taj Mahal
    68. Visit a nude beach
    69. See a burlesque show 
    70. Say yes to everything for a day 
    71. Say yes to everything for a week
    72. Visit Las Vegas
    73. Ride in a rickshaw
    74. Have a mud fight
    75.  Start my own business
    76. Visit New Zealand
    77. Have a rolfing massage
    78. Visit Loch Ness 
    79. Ride on the Orient Express
    80. Visit a hot spring
    81. Swim naked in a lake
    82. Swim under a waterfall
    83. Jump off a waterfall 
    84. Walk behind a waterfall 
    85. See a firefly up close in the dark
    86. See a hummingbird
    87. Zip line over a large distance (Zipworld, Wales) 
    88. Watch a sunrise from the top of a mountain
    89. Climb a mountain 
    90. Rope swing into water
    91. Meditate every day for 30 days
    92. Drink vodka in Russia
    93. Live in another country
    94. Try surfing (Surf Snowdonia 2017)
    95. Go paragliding
    96. Throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands
    97. Drive a supercar (Lamborghini – May 2016)
    98. Attend an Indian wedding
    99. Produce a piece of art, get it displayed and sell it
    100. Start a new, more meaningful blog, and update it regularly 
    101. Touch an iceberg
    102. Visit a glacier
    103. Take a mud rasul bath 
    104. Have a Thai massage in Thailand, preferably on a beach
    105. Visit a Hindu temple in a country where the religion is prominent
    106. Learn about the Hindu gods and goddesses O
    107. Complete at least 50 push ups in one go
    108. Complete at least 100 push ups in one go
    109. Observe every planet in the solar system (bar Earth from space) O
    110. Try Acroyoga

      Try Aerial Yoga
      ©Maksim Toome/Adobe Stock
    111. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish 
    112.  Attach a love lock/note to a bridge/wall
    113. Have 5 people recommend their favourite film and watch them (2/5 – Reservoir Dogs, Terminator) O
    114. Make at least 5 recipes I have pinned on Pinterest (5/5- Complete: Passion fruit sorbet, lime and chilli wedges, beet,apple and cheese tarts, and beet, arugula and goats cheese sandwich, macaroni cheese) 
    115. Make homemade chai tea 
    116. Draw every day for a month 
    117. Try grappa 
    118. Complete my Masters 
    119. Get a tattoo
    120. Buy and wear a corset 
    121. Tour Spain, Portugal and Morocco 
    122. Get a traditional Asian outfit tailored to fit and made in its country of origin
    123. Stay in a camper van
    124. Swim with dolphins
    125. Visit Croatia 
    126. Try fly-boarding
    127. Try mock duck 
    128. Ride a segway 
    129. Swing on a billboard swing
    130. Drink Guinness in Dublin 
    131. Give up alcohol for one month 
    132. Ride in a tuktuk
    133. Visit Berlin 
    134. Send a message in a bottle 
    135. Spend Valentines Day in Paris
    136. Go snow zorbing
    137. Spend a night in a tree house
    138. Stomp on wine grapes
    139. Try a cronut 
    140. Go lavender picking
    141. Horseback ride in the sea
    142. Visit the world’s largest salt flat and see the reflection after rain at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
    143. Stay in an overwater bungalow
    144. Swing on the edge of the world in Ecuador
    145. Visit the Love Lock Bridge in Paris 
    146. Attend a masquerade ball
    147. Attend Holi
    148. Make halva 
    149. Eat in an underwater restaurant
    150. Participate in a flash mob
    151. Be an extra in a film
    152. Go inside an igloo
    153. Build a miniature gingerbread house 
    154. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower 
    155. Participate in the Loi Krathong festival
    156. Make a rainbow flower
    157. Get a job I love
    158. Attend Royal Ascot
    159. Create a gratitude jar 
    160. See the Hollywood sign
    161. Visit the Walk of Fame, Hollywood
    162. Go dog-sledding
    163. Float in the Dead Sea
    164. Watch baby turtles enter the sea for the first time
    165. Visit all 50 US States
    166. Eat in a Michelin Star restaurant – July 2016 (Pipe and Glass Inn)
    167. Pay a stranger’s restaurant bill
    168. Jump off a cliff into the sea
    169. Ride on a Vespa
    170. Take a photo every day for a year
    171. Visit a chocolate factory
    172. Fly in a private jet
    173. Swim in a pool at the edge of a waterfall
    174. See a geisha in Japan
    175. Get a kimono made in Japan
    176. Stay in a traditional style Japanese hotel
    177. Have a picnic in a canoe
    178. Stay at the Igloo village, Finland
    179. Make daal from scratch 
    180. Try aerial yoga 
    181. Travel to Canada
    182. Drive Route 66
    183. Finish The Initiate Trilogy 
    184. Cook a three-course meal 
    185. Make and try homebrew wine 
    186. Make and try homebrew beer 
    187. Read the Indian spiritual classics O (1 – Bhagavad Gita)
    188. Try snowboarding 
    189. Make homebrew wine from fruit I have picked myself
    190. Visit a latin dance club in South or Central America
    191. Try at least 3 new hairstyles from Pinterest
    192. Make meringues 
    193. Try scuba diving
    194. Visit a Monaco casino 
    195. Try jetskiing 
    196. Drive a jetski
    197. Ride in a horse and carriage
    198. Visit Barcelona 
    199. Visit Madrid 
    200. Go on the skydeck in Chicago
    201. See the hobbit houses in New Zealand
    202. Jump on a water trampoline
    203. Visit Pompeii
    204. See the tulip fields in Holland
    205. See the Milky Way
    206. Visit Stonehenge 
    207. Go paddle-boarding 
    208. Go parasailing
    209. Go to Burning Man
    210. Have a caricature drawn
    211. See a carnival 
    212. Take part in a carnival
    213. Go to Rio carnival
    214. Visit Granada 
    215. Visit Zipworld 
    216. Visit Tick Tock Unlock 
    217. Try canoeing 
    218. Get a job as a Sustainability Consultant 
    219. Do a firewalk
    220. Visit a cat cafe 
    221. Get a Thai Yoga Massage 
    222. Visit Sweden 
    223. Visit Copenhagen 
    224. Visit Christiania, Denmark 
    225. Get over my fear of flying O
    226. Try Aqua Zorbing
    227. Do a 4×4 experience
    228. Read all the books I own that I actually want to read
    229. Visit a ruin pub in Budapest 
    230. Fly in a seaplane
    231. Visit the Cow and Calf rocks, Ilkley 
    232. Shear a sheep
    233. Sleep on silk sheets
    234. Cook in an outdoor pizza oven
    235. Help build a pizza oven
    236. Learn about Ayurveda 
    237. Roast and drink my own coffee 
    238. Do a bungee catapult 
    239. Visit Costa Rica
    240. Be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding 
    241. Have something I’ve written published
    242. Travel the Trans-Siberian railway
    243. Visit a cranberry bog
    244. Stand on the Equator
    245. Stand in four States at one time
    246. Visit the Grand Canyon
    247. Visit Oxford 
    248. Visit Cornwall
    249. Visit Brighton
    250. Design my own home
    251. Visit a cloud forest
    252. Go volcano boarding
    253. Go tobogganning
    254. Zipline in Costa Rica

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