Link Love: February

Links I love from the last week as inspired by Nubby Twiglet 🙂

  • Gala Darling is a very inspirational blogger and has come up with some great ideas for everything from dating to fun things to do when you’re feeling a bit glum.
  • I’m liking the idea of having a less traditional job.
  • This website is great for coming up with bucket list ideas, tracking progress and seeing what others are up to :).
  • I’d love to visit the exclusive Please Don’t Tell in New York and try out their inventive cocktails.
  • Gigi offers great travel advice on how to travel light and budgeting for long-term travel.
  • European bar planning made easy 🙂
  • Remember the Milk is good for managing tasks and for keeping motivation up!
  • This trip would be perfect right now!
  • On Chasing Yourself.

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