Gratitude List- February 2013

  • Catching up with old friends and drinking too much wine 😀
  • Having people around me that care about my happiness
  • Visiting the planetarium and seeing Jupiter
  • Getting back into rock climbing
  • Baileys ice cream (yum!)
  • Getting the Spice Trip book as a suprise gift 🙂
  • Realising my priorities in life again
  • Relaxing by candlelight on a night
  • Understanding that I am growing from the experiences I am having, whether I see them as positive or negative initially.
  • Becoming motivated to develop more in my personal life again.
  • Seeing my first basketball game
  • Having time to cook new recipes
  • Secret trips away 🙂
  • Indoor skydiving!
  • Having supportive friends and family around me
  • The opportunity for a fresh start
  • The thinking behind Avicii’s ‘I Could Be The One’  track

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