Bucket List Update!

Despite a lack of motivation and time! I seem to be ploughing through my bucket list at quite a speed. Items that are underway are as follows:

  • Start a new, more meaningful blog, and update it regularly- I’ve posted on here many more  timest than my last blog, and would like to continue to do so when I get the chance :). I’ve even taken to writing what I would consider to be ‘more meaningful’ posts on the private part of my blog.
  • Visit a planetarium and look at the stars through a telescope- I completed this on Friday night, and saw more than stars…I got to see Jupiter! Although the moment was brief it was a little mindblowing to see something so large and yet so small at the same time…it made me feel tiny, and any worries seem insignificant in comparison :). A new item will be added to my bucket list as a result….to see all the planets in the solar system, bar Earth from space (for now anyway 😉 )
  • Learn how to shuffle a deck of cards properly- I feel like I’m getting there with this one, albeit slowly. More practice and games of poker required!
  • Complete a Rubix cube- Also underway. I finally bought a proper Rubix cube and intend to get practicing in my spare time.
  • Learn basic Italian- a good friend has hooked me up with some Italian MP3s, and I’ve been doing a bit of research in my spare time. Hopefully I’ll get to have a good listen to some tracks at some point soon.
  • Get back into rock climbing- I forgot how much I love rock climbing until I visited a climbing wall in the local area last week. 2 hours flew over and any fear of heights vanished through sheer determination to reach the top!
  • Complete 50 push ups in one go- After attending a few brutal combat conditioning classes I managed 41 push ups in 2 minutes. It’d be brilliant to hit 50, and then onwards and upwards to 100!

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