Meditation update

Over the last few weeks I have been attempting to tick another item off my bucket list…meditating every day for 31 days. Quieting the mind isn’t an easy job, and finding the time to meditate isn’t that straightforward when I want to do a million over things in addition to it.  I got up to day 11 and then didn’t meditate on day 12…for no valid reason.

Meditation didn’t get easier as the days went on, as I seemingly just wasn’t interested in listening to the thoughts in my own head, or in being still. I know though that looking at my thoughts will help me resolve and grow from whatever is in there, and the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits will  be well and truly worth it :).

For most of my meditations I used CD’s to help me focus. Some of these gave me an intent to follow during my meditation, such as Medidating by Gabrielle Bernstein. Others just helped me relax, and fall away into music, rather than thoughts, such as Empty Heart by Miten and Deva Premal.

Most of my blog posts have come as a result of my meditations. Insights, or subconscious thoughts, seemed to stream through into my consciousness, and I felt that the best way to honour these would be to write them down.

Meditation also helped clear my thoughts when I felt bombarded by the sheer amount of things I wanted to do. I was able to structure my day better and get more out of it, rather than try to complete everything in one go.

At points I found it necessary to stop my meditation and complete something important, to help clear my thoughts, and then return to meditation. I would do this when I was spending more time fighting with a thought to rid it from my mind, rather than concentrating on the meditation. I was careful to sit with such thoughts for a while before stopping any meditation so as not to allow my mind to find excuses to stop every time I tried to relax and go deeper.

Along with drinking less alcohol, exercising, eating more healthily and saving money, I feel that meditation has been a good practice to add to my life in the last few weeks, and I intend to keep it up beyond the 31 days when I finally complete them, if not just for the relaxation it gives me in my busy life. Plus, meditation and sex are meant to make our brains react in similar ways!

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc
photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

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