Gratitude List: January 2013

♥ Having lovely friends to hang out with and chat about life with
♥ Being young and healthy, being able to do anything I want
♥ Thinking about where I want to travel to this year and experiences I want to have!
♥ Time off for relaxation.
♥ Staying at the Malmaison post-xmas 🙂
♥ The Chemistry of Love by Danielle Dowling
♥ Being inspired to write something on my blog!
♥ The Network of Nice concept…people should be kinder to each other more without expecting anything in return 🙂
♥ Working through and adding to my many bucket lists!!
♥ The Dark Night Rises…much better than I expected it to be!
♥ Getting a Conde Nast Traveller subscription for my birthday- plenty of inspiration!
♥ Catching up with old friends 🙂
♥ Exploring Edinburgh
♥ Booking a Topdeck trip round Europe for summer!
♥ Becoming motivated to get fit
♥ Trying out new hair colours
♥ Learning new skills at work
♥ Discovering new music
♥ Fun driving manouvers in the ice 🙂
♥ Feeling sexy
Kim Anami’s refreshing approach to sexuality
♥ Relaxing Sundays 🙂
♥ Lie-ins!
♥ Yummy breakfasts- Relaxing over a Chai Latte and a Chocolate Twist every day please!
♥ Hot sex leaving a big smile on my face all day 🙂


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