Edinburgh January 2013

Bagpipe player
Bagpipe player ©2013

The weekend began at the Floatarium for a bit of relaxation. Being in a tank in the pitch black with little sound and not being able to feel much around me was a little unnerving at first, but eventually I relaxed into it…so much so, that it began to feel just like being in a bath!

Edinburgh Floatarium ©2013

Following on from the Floatarium, I headed to the Yu Spa at my hotel, the Apex Waterloo Place. Here I had a hot rocks massage….possibly the best massage of my life!…followed by a late afternoon session in the steam room and sauna. I then headed out in search of some food, and was delighted by the sheer number of bars and restaurants to choose from. After a cheeky cocktail at The Dome I headed to Bar Napoli for pizza and slightly too much red wine at, making for good end to a very enjoyable first day in Edinburgh :).

The Dome
The Dome ©2013
Apex Waterloo Place
Apex Waterloo Place ©2013

The following day I headed out for a good explore of the city. I headed straight to Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle, to get the touristy items out of the way. Although it was below freezing, the views from the castle of the city were immense. After checking out the smoothie bars and vintage shops in the Grassmarket, I headed to Brewdog for my first taste of craft beer.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle ©2013
Edinburgh Castle
View from Edinburgh Castle ©2013
Brewdog pint
Brewdog pint ©2013

After a quick afternoon nap after slightly too much beer on an empty stomach, I met up with a good friend from Dumfries to grab some food and check out the local pubs on Rose Street. This was shortly followed by a trip up to the Old Town for folk music and plenty of Scottish whisky!

Although there were a few sore heads the next day, a fun night was had, and I’m already looking forward to returning explore Edinburgh some more 🙂

Royal Mile
Royal Mile ©2013
Whisky at Edinburgh Castle ©2013

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